Why Is It Better In The Bahamas?
The Bahamas, an archipelago of 700 islands and 2,400 cays extends 760 miles from the coast of Florida on the northwest, and almost Haiti on the southeast with an area of 5,358 sq miles (13,878 sq. km.)

Approximately 30 of the islands are inhabited. The nation's most populated cities are Nassau, the capital located on New Providence Island and Freeport on Grand Bahama. The other islands are referred to as the "Family Islands" or "Out Islands"

The Bahamas is ideally positioned as a leading international business centre that is linked to every major market in the world. With the existence of a highly skilled professional talent pool, legislation conducive to business, a risk based regulatory environment, and systems for the prevention and detection of money laundering and financing of terrorism, The Bahamas boasts over 300 banks and trust companies and manages an estimated $200 billion of Eurocurrency business. There are also over 60 institutions licensed to provide fund administration and some 90 licensed to provide broker-dealer an/or investment advisory services. The depth and quality of financial services institutions is complemented by the provision of tax neutral platform for all business activity. It is also a country committed to its democratic traditions, fiscal prudence, and a strong pirvate-public sector partnership.


A Low Tax Jurisdiction
The Bahamas has preserved its crucial tax neutrality in the new financial architecture that has emerged in the country. In the Bahamas businesses and individuals are not subject to:

  • Capital Tax
  • Death Tax
  • Gift Tax
  • Income Tax
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Withholding Tax

A Stable Political & Economic Environment
As an independent nation since 1973, The Bahamas is one of the oldest, most vibrant democracies in the Western Hemisphere. The Bahamas is a member of The Commonwealth of Nations with her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as head of state.

Modern Legislation & Regulatory Framework
The legal system of The Bahamas, modeled on the British pattern and independent of the political process in the country provides a well-established environment for international business. The Bahamas has up-to-date sound investment-orientated legislation that is specifically designed to meet the needs of international business.

With new and amended legislation, a comprehensive regulatory and supervisory framework that adheres to international best practices, and a cohesive and confident private sector The Bahamas is even more stronger and competitive as an international financial centre.

The ability of The Bahamas as an independent nation to set its own legislative of agenda is an important consideration when deciding the location for personal financial services.

Investment Friendly Environment & Confidentiality
The Bahamas has a liberal investment policy, with government encouraging and promoting foreign investment. As a tax-neutral financial centre with close proximity to the United States, good telecommunications physical infrastructure and a well established pool of highly experienced Attorneys and Accountants it has a unique environment for the conduct of international financial services.

Additionally, the Bahamian Government recognizes and values the right to confidentiality in financial matters. Clients can rest assured knowing that all of their financial affairs will be handled with the utmost care, confidentiality and a professional manner.